Bavishi house is a fine hostel in the heart of the Ahmedabad’s old city.

It’s design is essentially very traditional, and the vibrancy of it’s colours and charm scintillates the environs of Dhal Ni Pol. Specially fashioned in accordance with the travelling preferences of many explorers and students who often visit the old city of Ahmedabad, this Heritage Hostel offers three rooms, which aim to serve to all their needs in the best way possible.

Also, Bavishi house is relatively near to many landmarks of the city, and offers bicycles on rent for city tours.

Bed in 3 Bed Male Dormitory Room, We have 2 such Rooms.Each room includes 3 single sized beds.The rooms are rather spacious, and are designed to provide optimum comfort.They have a common bathroom down the hallway, and hygiene is always prioritized.

Bed in 5-Bed Female Dormitory Room.

This is a dorm for women, with 5 single sized beds and a private bathroom inside the room itself.

This room again offers great comfort. The shaded windows provide privacy, while they adorn the room in glimmers of light in the afternoon sun. If larger group we could give extra bed.

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