Room Description

‘French Haveli’- Experience Culture and tradition in heart of Ahmedabad old city.


The ‘French Haveli’, is a traditional Gujarati heritage home. Staying in this beautiful restored ‘Haveli’ offers a unique experience in the traditional community living called ‘Pol’. The ‘French Haveli’ is a Bed and Breakfast. We serve you a freshly cooked breakfast. The vegetables and ingredients are purchased from the nearby markets in the Historic City Centre “Manek Chowk


Living in this house is to experience the Guajarati culture with comfort and luxury. The moment one enters this artistically decorated traditional Haveli; you realize how the craftsmen used space and energy effectively. The central court is open to sky, which gets in optimum Air and Light. This is generally the soul of all Havelis. The JHULA (traditional swing) is a place to sit and feel this building.


Each room at the French Haveli is having a unique feature and can ultimately be the best choice for your group depending on their need. All rooms are air-conditioned.


The history of this house goes back over 100 years, however the name is derived to commemorate the Indo -French project to revitalize the Old City of Ahmedabad. French architects restored this Haveli and lived here.