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French Haveli comes across as an artistically decorated heritage home, but also addresses an important concern.

Each day, many historic cities like Ahmedabad loose their rich built heritage and cultural identities.

The ‘French Haveli’ strives to be an example of investing for heritage and culture preservation. Creating partnerships with community to develop sustainable eco-systems.

Our Strategy:

The community space around French Haveli has the potential to become a preserved heritage area. We interact with the community around French Haveli to create an environment of stake and partnerships for elevation of the entire cluster.French haveli extends support to the community who want to use their heritage homes for ‘home stays’ or any other adaptive reuse for economic benefit, supports Initiatives such as cleanliness, sanitation that can improve the quality of life.

Way forward:

A need for an economic model to preserve heritage in our old city. One such Italian model “ Albergo Diffuso” ( scattered hotel), a concept of Scattered Rooms in old italian villages : rooms in different house but same management.

Our old cities have amazing arrays of unique houses. We believe we could also have scattered rooms. Each house is different and offers varied experiences. Dodhia Haveli is one of the other property that now offers 2 unique suite rooms. We aspire to add rooms with time.

scattered rooms

Know more about our other initiative:

THREEE Foundation: The Heritage Research for Economics Ecosystem Enterprise Foundation.